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What is Hot in Company Law?

As many of you may be aware, we provide a free-to-use website www.ca2013.com (CAIRR-Companies Act Integrated Ready Reckoner) that provides an integrated view of the Companies Act, LODR and IB code. Over the last three years, this site has generated good traction with 3000+ individuals registering for getting updates and attracts more than 1500 visitors who visit more than 4000 pages a day, every working day to be more precise. As professionals take a break during the weekend, the website viewership is also lower; more pronounced on Sundays, in comparison with Saturdays.

List of the most viewed sections in the Companies Act during the month of December 2018 based on visitors to our website www.ca2013.com.

Company Law Top 5 Chartbuster sections in December 2018

Rank this month Change Rank previous month Section ref. Section title
1 42 Offer or Invitation for subscription of securities on private placement
2 1 62 Further Issue of Share Capital
3 2 186 Loans and Investments by Companies
4 4 188 Related Party Transactions
5 3 179 Powers of the Board

Section 92-Annual Returns that was Ranked #5 in November 2018 has dropped out of the top 5 ranks.

LODR Top 5 Chartbuster Regulations in December 2018

Rank this Month Regulation ref. Regulation Title
1 17 Board of Directors
2 30 Disclosure of Events or Information
3 19 Nomination & Remuneration Committee
4 25 Obligations with respect to Independent Directors
5 2 Definitions

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