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IT Jargon for Company Secretaries (IT Jargon 4 CS)

Use of jargons is a key aspect of quick and effective communication in specialized fields. Jargons are words or phrases unique to that field and not used elsewhere. With the advent of smart phone, IT jargons have entered many aspects of generic human life in the last two decades. The world of company secretaries [...]

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IP Address for Company Secretaries (IP Address 4 CS)

It is a lot different in the digital world; while email id replaces the name, email domains represent your organizational affiliations; with a or reflecting an individuals’ personal email id. But what is the equivalent of the physical address in the digital world? Is it IP Address; IP standing for Internet Protocol. [...]

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ethical Hacking for Company Secretaries (eH 4 CS)

‘The more things change, the more they remain the same’ is an old proverb that stands the test of time, even in this digital age. Two thousand years ago, Chanakya in Arthashastra- Book II, Chapter VIII, paragraph 67, listed out forty techniques of embezzlement. His intent was not to train embezzlers, instead, it was [...]

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General Data Protection Regulation for Company Secretaries (GDPR 4 CS)

Discretion is essential in dealing with both confidential information and personal information, with the former belonging to the professional domain and the later in the moral /social domain. Till recently, only breach of confidential information was in the legal domain attracting hefty penalties enforced by courts of law as they diluted business advantages. However, [...]

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Form Fillers for Company Secretaries (FF 4 CS)

Bookkeeping transformed into Accounting in the 15th century when it evolved from Single-Entry Bookkeeping into Double Entry Accounting System. Businessmen and managers benefited from it by being able to measure profits and understand how decision making altered their business performance. Corporate Secretarial practice, likewise, has the potential to evolve into Corporate Governance practice when [...]

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Electronic Records for Company Secretaries (ER 4 CS)

Paper is the norm for the last few centuries if not millennia to capture personal, commercial and legal agreements. Before the advent of paper, agreements were embossed or engraved in clay tablets and authenticated by a seal as evidenced by archeological findings from the Mesopotamian Harappan and the Indus civilizations. In the last few decades [...]

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Disaster Recovery Plan for Company Secretaries (DRP 4 CS)

The monsoon fury over the last few years that we have seen is the proof that we live in an uncertain and unpredictable world today. As any resident of Mumbai or Chennai would testify, there is no alternative to being prepared for the eventualities. What these residents would also tell us, is that with [...]

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Cyber-Security for Company Secretaries (CS 4 CS)

Introduction Corporate life without computers and digital records is inconceivable today. Right from the formation of a company to its routine operations and when required, its dissolution, the use of computers and by inference the creation, maintenance, storage and retrieval of digital records is not just desirable, but inevitable. Company being an economic entity [...]

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Blockchain for Company Secretaries (BC 4 CS)

Introduction Data storage, processing and retrieval are some of the traditional value adds that emerged from use of IT in the pre-internet era. With internet, that connects different users seamlessly, the facet of value add has expanded to include e-commerce, e-learning and e-governance. Looking into the near future, the advent of Artificial Intelligence and [...]

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Artificial Intelligence for Company Secretaries (AI 4 CS)

Like the five blind men describing an elephant, AI means many things to many people and taken individually all of them are not incorrect. Hence a good place to start is by defining both the terms Artificial and Intelligence. Artificial in the context of AI means anything which is non-biological, i.e. outside the plant [...]

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