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CimplyBest (CimplyFive’s Board Evaluation Survey Tool) – A custom-built software for Board Evaluation crafted to fuse the requirements of Indian Corporate Law and Global Best Practices.

Key Features #1

Value add for Board Evaluation Facilitators:

1. Configurable, pre-populated surveys including comparative surveys for Board, Chairperson, Sub-Committee, Independent Directors and Executive Directors.

2. Select criteria and questions from a superset; delete what is not required.

3. Multiple Question types for optimal feedback –

• Yes/No answers
• Single Line Answer
• Multiple Line Answer
• Multiple Choice
• Checkboxes
• Dropdown
• Rating

4. Automated PDF Reports Ready for Presentation –

• Single-page output for each question
• Provision to have graphs and/or tables
• Open-ended answers in text also captured for presentation

Key Features #2

Value-add for Responding Directors

1. Single click actions- For accessing the survey, fill up the response and submit.

2. Response delinked from respondent- By design, the response is delinked from the respondent on submission.

3. Assured Security- Survey sent to respondents can be bound to an email ID thereby disabling the email from being forwarded.

Value-add for Secretarial team & Secretarial Auditor

For the Corporate Secretarial Team:

• Automated Reports- No manual intervention in preparing reports; the identity of the respondent cannot be tracked by linking responses to different questions.
• Assist the Chairperson and Lead Independent Director in completing the Board Evaluation
• Administer the questionnaire by ensuring emails are sent to all Directors
• Follow-up for getting response where required

For the Secretarial Auditor:

• Auto capture of evidence required by the Secretarial Auditor
• Details of Board Evaluation -Board, Chairperson, Sub-committee, ID & ED
• Date of commencement and conclusion of a survey
• Proof of emails sent to all Directors for the Board Evaluation

Secured with ISO Certifications


Custom-built software for Board Evaluation!

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