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We must act out of passion before we can feel it’

Jean Paul Sartre

Founded in 2014, CimplyFive is the fruit of collaboration between five like-minded and ethically inspired professionals who are passionate about good corporate governance.

We believe that comprehensive compliance is at the core of good corporate governance. Further, good corporate governance starts from birth and it cannot be bolted on at a later date.

  • For the experienced corporate professional, we seek to provide solutions that enable them to delegate their work knowing that there is a good risk management system in place to highlight potential exposures and offer mitigation paths thereby enhancing their personal effectiveness and efficiency.
  • For the new entrepreneurs who face far more pressing business challenges, we ease their compliance load by fusing technology and domain specialization to provide a CLOUD hosted software solution.

When you have vision it affects your attitude. Your attitude is optimistic rather than pessimistic’

Charles R Swindoll

Our Board

Suresh Senapaty
Suresh SenapatyChairman
A chartered accountant with over 3 decades experience, he is an independent director in many leading companies. Senapaty was the CFO of Wipro for over 20 years prior to his retirement.
Shankar Jaganathan
Shankar JaganathanFounder & Chief Executive
A chartered accountant with 3 decades experience in corporate, academic & social sectors, he is the Founder & Chief Executive of CimplyFive. Shankar has also published books on economic & corporate history.
Shriram Subramanian
Shriram SubramanianFounder & Non-Executive Director
Shriram is a corporate governance evangelist and the founder of India’s first proxy advisory firm InGovern Research Services. His views are regularly sought out by Indian and global media and he is a speaker at many conferences.
P V Srinivasan
P V SrinivasanNon-Executive Director
A chartered accountant with 3 decades experience in direct & indirect taxation, he was the VP Taxation of Wipro. Srinivasan is a leading consultant on taxation to many large Indian corporates.

The team with best players wins’

Jack Welch

Our Team

Binusha A
Binusha ADomain Specialist – Corporate Secretarial Practice
Eti Basaniwal
Eti BasaniwalChief Operating Officer
Manish Shrotriya
Manish ShrotriyaChief Technology & Product Officer
Prakash Bhatt
Prakash BhattManager - Business Development
P Raghunath
P RaghunathCompany Secretary & Business Development Officer
Ruthvik Kavale
Ruthvik KavaleDomain Specialist- Secretarial Practice
Sai Ranadive
Sai RanadiveDomain Specialist- Secretarial Practice
Sunil Sharma
Sunil SharmaVice President Business Development
Sowmya Ramaswamy
Sowmya RamaswamyDomain Specialist- Secretarial Practice
Srividhya Sampath
Srividhya SampathDomain Specialist- Secretarial Practice
Swathi Nagaraj
Swathi NagarajDomain Specialist- Secretarial Practice
S Subhashini
S SubhashiniSenior Executive- Corporate Secretarial Support
Swathi R
Swathi RManagement Executive

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