CAIRR Update July 08, 2020

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July 08, 2020   Summary of the circular issued by MCA on 06/07/2020   MCA extends due date by another 60 days for filing of Form NFRA – 2 for FY 2018-19 to 04/09/2020 MCA vide this circular has extended the deadline for filing of Form NFRA – 2 from 210 days (vide its [...]

CAIRR Update July 02, 2020

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July 02, 2020   Summary of the notifications issued by SEBI and IBBI on 01/07/2020 and 30/06/2020 respectively   1. Amendment to SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 2011      Following are the key highlights of the notification- in case of indirect acquisitions where public announcement is required to be made [...]

CAIRR Update June 30, 2020

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June 30, 2020   Summary of the notification issued by MCA on 29/06/2020   MCA amends Companies (Removal of Names of Companies from the Register of Companies) Rules, 2016 Through this amendment, application in Form STK 2 for removal of name of a Government company or its wholly-owned subsidiary under the Companies Act, 2013 [...]

CAIRR Update June 29, 2020

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June 29, 2020   Summary of the circular issued by SEBI on 26/06/2020   Further extension of relaxation from compliance with respect to time gap between two board / Audit Committee meetings of listed entities   Through this circular, the Board of Directors and Audit Committee of the listed entity are exempted from observing [...]

CAIRR Update June 26, 2020

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June 26, 2020   Summary of the Circular issued by SEBI on 25/06/2020   Further Extension of deadline for submission of Annual Secretarial Compliance Report to 31/07/2020   SEBI has extended the deadline for submission of Annual Secretarial Compliance Report by Listed Entities to 31/07/2020 from its earlier relaxed deadline of 30/06/2020. (read more) [...]

CAIRR Update June 25, 2020

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June 25, 2020   Summary of the circular and notification issued by SEBI and MCA on 24/06/2020 and 23/06/2020 respectively.   1. Extension of deadline for Listed Entities for submission of financial results for the quarter/half year/financial year ending 31st March 2020 to 31/07/2020 due to the continuing impact of the CoVID-19 pandemic   [...]

CAIRR Update June 24, 2020

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June 24, 2020   Summary of notifications issued by MCA on 23/06/2020   Extension of deadlines with respect to approval of restricted transactions via Video Conferencing and registration with the data bank by the Independent Directors to 30/09/2020   MCA, vide its notification, has extended the deadlines to 30/09/2020 from 30/06/2020 with respect to [...]

5Qs for Every Corporate Professional: CimplyFive’s 5Qs for determining if your Annual Report is an Integrated Report?

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The global pandemic in 2020 has made even the most remote stakeholder on this planet realize the inter-linkages between business, society, and the environment. Evolved businesses which recognize this connect are increasingly moving away from publishing Annual Reports for their shareholders to presenting Integrated Reports to their stakeholders. How are [...]

CAIRR Update June 23, 2020

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June 23, 2020   Summary of the notification issued by SEBI on 22/06/2020   SEBI relaxes ICDR and Takeover norms with respect to fund raising by Distressed Companies   Through this amendment preferential issue by Distressed Companies is exempt from making Open offer under 3(1) and 4 of Takeover Code if they comply with [...]

CAIRR Update June 22, 2020

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June 22, 2020   Summary of the circular issued by MCA on 19/06/2020   1. MCA extends the deadline for creation of Deposit Repayment Reserve and Investment of specified amount of maturing debentures under the Companies Act, 2013 and its Rules      Through this circular, MCA has further extended the deadline already granted vide [...]

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