CAIRR Update June 25, 2021

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Summary of the notification issued by MCA on 23/06/2021 MCA enhances the threshold limits of Small and Medium Sized Companies(SMCs) for the purposes of applicability of Accounting Standards with effect from accounting periods starting on or after 01/04/2021 As a measure to improve the ease of doing business, MCA has introduced Companies (Accounting Standards) [...]

CAIRR Update June 21, 2021

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 Summary of the notifications issued by MCA on 18/06/2021 MCA amends provision related to chargeability of fee w.r.t databank registration by Independent Directors(IDs) under the Companies Act, 2013 and its Rules Through this notification, MCA authorizes Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, which is the Institute that creates and maintains the data bank of the IDs as required [...]

CAIRR Update June 16, 2021

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Summary of the circular issued by SEBI on 16/06/2021 Applicability of System Driven Disclosures to listed Debt Securities issued by Equity listed companies under SEBI (PIT) Regulations, 2015 SEBI has notified the applicability of System Driven Disclosures (SDD) under SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015 to listed Debt Securities issued by Equity Listed [...]

CAIRR Update June 10, 2021

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Summary of the notification issued by MCA on 09/06/2021   MCA notifies manner of transfer of shares held by the Significant Beneficial Owners under Section 90(9) the Companies Act, 2013 to IEPF. Through this notification, MCA has amended IEPFA (Accounting, Audit, Transfer and Refund) Rules, 2016, to prescribe detailed procedure with respect to manner [...]

CAIRR Update June 08, 2021

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MCA facilitates obtaining Shops and Establishment Registration at the time of application of incorporation of a company under the Companies Act, 2013 using Form AGILE-PRO-S Through this notification, MCA has facilitated the entities applying for incorporation of a company to avail the option to get itself registered under Shops and Establishment Act using Form [...]

CAIRR Update June 02, 2021

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IBBI notifies Insolvency Professionals (IPs) to act as Interim Resolution Professionals (IRP), Liquidators, Resolution Professionals (RP) and Bankruptcy Trustees (BT) (Recommendation) Guidelines, 2021 with effect from 01/07/2021 IB Code, 2016 and its Rules requires the Board to recommend the name of an IP for appointment as IRPs, Liquidators, RP and BT under various sections for [...]

CAIRR Update June 01, 2021

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Listed Entities to submit disclosures on Loans, Guarantees etc issued to Promoters/Promoter Groups etc. in Corporate Governance Report on a half-yearly basis under LODR Regulations, 2015 from the FY 2021-22 With an intent to bring in improved transparency, SEBI requires Listed Entities to provide disclosures on loans/ guarantees/comfort letters/ security issued directly or indirectly [...]

CAIRR Update May 21, 2021

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MCA issues clarification on offsetting the excess CSR amount spent for FY 2019-20 under the Companies Act, 2013 and its Rules. Further to the representations made by Indian Corporates, MCA has clarified that any excess amount or part thereof can be offset against the requirement to spend under section 135(5) for FY 2020-21, if a [...]

5Qs for Every Corporate Professional: CimplyFive’s Five Qs to decide if your Company should utilize the Covid-19 Compliance Relaxations

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The last one year has seen a spate of one-off compliance relaxations triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. It ranges from reduced TDS rates on business income to dispensing with the need to hold a separate meeting of independent directors. This brings us to the moot question, should companies blindly use [...]

5Qs for Every Corporate Professional: CimplyFive’s Five Qs to Ascertain if your Company is Immune to Governance Mishaps

By | 2021-05-17T11:56:04+00:00 May 17th, 2021|Article|

COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize the value of having strong immunity to prevent health mishaps due to infections. Strong immunity is required not only for good human health but also for good corporate governance. Corporates in chasing steep and ambitious goals need to avoid the pitfalls of taking shortcuts [...]

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