CAIRR Update September 29, 2020

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September 29, 2020   Summary of the notifications and circulars issued by MCA on 28/09/2020   MCA extends deadlines for various provisions under Companies Act, 2013 and its rules to 31/12/2020 MCA vide its notification and circulars dated 28/09/2020 has extended deadline to 31/12/2020 (as against the earlier deadline of 30/09/2020) with respect to [...]

CAIRR Update September 25, 2020

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September 25, 2020 Summary of the notifications issued by MCA on 24/09/2020 1. Extension of Suspended time period for initiation of Corporate Insolvency Resolution application for defaults arising on or after 25/03/2020 to 25/12/2020 The Central Government has notified that fresh application for initiation of Corporate Insolvency Resolution process under Section 10A of IBC, [...]

CAIRR Update September 24, 2020

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September 24, 2020   Summary of the circular and notification issued by SEBI and IBBI respectively on 23/09/2020 1. Listed Companies to share information under System Driven Disclosure (SSD) mechanism under SEBI (SAST) Regulations, 2011 SEBI’s circular on 09/09/2020 directed Listed Companies to share required information as part of SSD under PIT regulations. In [...]

CAIRR Update September 21, 2020

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September 21, 2020   Summary of the circular issued by NSE on 18/09/2020   SEBI extends time to share information towards Automation of Continual Disclosures under Regulation 7(2) of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015 to 30/09/2020 SEBI has extended the deadline for submission of required information as prescribed vide its circular dated 09/09/2020 [...]

CAIRR Update September 11, 2020

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September 11, 2020   Summary of the Circular and Press Release issued by MCA on 10/09/2020 and 08/09/2020 respectively   1. MCA extends deadline for submission of Cost Audit Report by the auditor to the Company for the FY 2019-20 to 30/11/2020   The timeline for submission of cost audit report by the Cost [...]

CAIRR Update September 10, 2020

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September 10, 2020   Summary of the Circular issued by SEBI on 09/09/2020   Automation of Continual Disclosures under Regulation 7(2) of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015 with effect from October 01, 2020 SEBI has notified the process to be carried out by the Listed Companies, Depositories and Stock Exchanges to facilitate [...]

CAIRR Update September 08, 2020

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September 08, 2020   Summary of the notification and circular issued by MCA and SEBI respectively on 07/09/2020   1. MCA amends definition of Deposits with respect to Convertible Notes issued by Start-ups To bring the definition of Deposit in line with the revised definition of Start-up issued vide G.S.R. 127 (E), dated the [...]

CAIRR Update September 03, 2020

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September 03, 2020   Summary of the Guidelines issued by IBBI on 01/09/2020   IBBI issues guidelines on use of Caveats, Limitations and Disclaimers by the Registered Valuers (RVs) in Valuation Reports with effect from 01/10/2020 Pursuant to Rule 8 of The Companies (Registered Valuers and Valuation) Rules, 2017, RVs shall state “caveats, limitations [...]

CAIRR Update August 31, 2020

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August 31, 2020   Summary of the notifications issued by MCA on 28/08/2020   MCA dispenses with the requirement to annex extract of Annual Return in Form MGT-9 in Board’s Report if web link for Annual Return is disclosed in the report. Through this notification, MCA has clarified the debate around Section 92, which [...]

CAIRR Update August 25, 2020

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August 25, 2020   Summary of the notification issued by MCA on 24/08/2020   Government allows companies to report CoVID-related research activities as CSR   As a measure to support and encourage companies engaged in research and development (R&D) activity of new vaccine, drugs and medical devices in their normal course of business to [...]

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