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Diluting or Strengthening the Regulations? The Issue of Due Dates and Extensions

BACKGROUND We saw significant changes in the corporate regulatory environment in the past few months. To name two of them: June 6 saw the introduction of BEN-1, a form to be filed with the company by individuals holding beneficial interest of 25% or more, and individuals exercising significant influence or control. July 5th saw [...]

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From Urgent to Important: Transforming Compliance Experts into Governance Champions

ISSUE Is your professional life like that of a fire fighter-unpredictable workday, putting out one fire after another, stiff deadlines to meet under intense pressure? Are the words crisis, problems, emergencies and deadlines frequently heard in your daily work life leaving you exhausted and fatigued? If the answer to the above questions are yes, [...]

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KMP means You Are The BOSS: Should Company Secretaries be Assertive?

ISSUE In any given week, I interact with more than five to six company secretaries of different companies. In the last few months, I observed that there are many young professionals in their 20’s who are working as the Company Secretary in medium to large companies and have to deal with experienced and senior [...]

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Filling Forms, No Longer Just A Clerical Task: Who Should Prepare MBP-1 for Directors?

While a task can be delegated, the responsibility or consequence arising from that task can never be, as the delegator pays the price for its non-performance or wrong-performance. This point needs reiteration especially in the case of MBP-1, where Directors give the details of the companies and firms in which they are interested-in for [...]

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Communicating Required Information: Trimming the Corporate Governance Report

Just as salt enhances the taste in food, brevity in communication enhances comprehension and effectiveness. More so in corporate communication to shareholders, where the audience consist of individuals with a wide range of interest and knowledge. The Corporate Governance Report that forms a part of the Annual Report of listed companies in India, despite [...]

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