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Prohibition of Insider Trading: Creation of a New Right in Society

In the twenty first century prohibition of insider trading is an accepted fact in corporate law, although it is enforced with varying effectiveness in different stock markets. However, this was not always the case. At the beginning of twentieth century, and in the first three decades that followed, insider trading was not only rampant [...]

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Birth of Statutory Audit: Triggered to Protect the Shareholders in 1900 CE

Statutory audit, an integral part of the corporate governance structure today is of relatively recent origin, mandated only in 1900 CE. Prior to this, audit of a company’s accounts was discretionary, triggered by the need of promoters to enhance their credibility required while raise money or reassuring investors about financial mismanagement concerns or when [...]

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Forfeiture of Shares-A Critical Instrument to Protect Shareholders: Introduced in 1869 CE

In 1869 CE, the Mining Companies Limited Liability Act was passed by the Victorian government in Australia. This act enabled companies to forfeit the shares of shareholders who failed to pay the calls made on their shares. This was a critical concept introduced to protect the interest of shareholders who paid the calls made [...]

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1612: Sutton Hospital Case-The First landmark Case that shaped the Corporate World

I. Facts of the Case: Mr. Thomas Sutton, one of the richest citizens of England, a coal miner and money lender by profession set up a corporation in London chartered by English King for the establishment of a hospital and a free grammar school for charity among others such initiatives. Unfortunately, he died before the [...]

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Independent Directors on Corporate Boards: A concept that emerged as late as in 1990s

The concept of Independent Directors (IDs) on Corporate Boards is a novel concept that evolved in the mutual funds industry in 1940s and entered the corporate world only in 1990s. Considered lesser of the two evils, IDs were taken on the Corporate Board to strengthen corporate governance. Despite being the holy cow of corporate [...]

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East India Company, 1763 CE: The Birth of Corporate Plutocracy−From One Shareholder One Vote to One Share One Vote

Context: Voting as a desired decision making method in groups is unquestioned today. The right of all participants to have a say in the decision is based on the belief collective wisdom is superior to individual intelligence. However there are variations in voting system that can significantly alter this basic premise of superior collective [...]

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The Birth of Private Limited Companies: Germany -1892, England -1908, France -1925

Private companies emerged pretty late in the five hundred year evolution path of joint stock companies, with legal recognition being granted to them only in 1892 in Germany, 1908 in England and 1925 in France. Private Limited Companies are a hybrid for they combine the merits of privacy found in partnership firms with the [...]

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Preference Shares: The Birth of a Hybrid that straddles both Equity and Debt instrument

Context: Preference shares is a financial instrument that answers a specific need of companies trying to raise finance but cannot or does not want to do it in the conventional way. The conventional method for a company to raise finance is by issuing equity shares that requires the investor to participate in the risk-reward [...]

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