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From Urgent to Important: Transforming Compliance Experts into Governance Champions

ISSUE Is your professional life like that of a fire fighter-unpredictable workday, putting out one fire after another, stiff deadlines to meet under intense pressure? Are the words crisis, problems, emergencies and deadlines frequently heard in your daily work life leaving you exhausted and fatigued? If the answer to the above questions are yes, [...]

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The Four Stages of Evolution in Equity Share Valuation: 1.Dividend Capitalization Method-The Concept, Trigger and Limitations

Large businesses and business intending to be large are organized as companies for they provide the triple advantage of ‘Existence at will’ for they survive till their shareholders decide to dissolve them Limited liability enabling many unrelated investors to collaborate, and Transferable shares, providing liquidity to their shareholders without impairing the liquidity of the [...]

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