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CAIRR update 28 June, 2019

Summary of Circular for the Companies Act, 2013 issued on 27/06/2019 is listed below: 1. MCA Circular on filing of e-form DIR-3 KYC and web-based services:Through this Circular, Ministry clarifies on filing of e-Form DIR-3 KYC for Directors, as follows- a. Updating KYC details for first time will be through e-Form DIR-3 KYC. b. [...]

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CAIRR update 25 Jun, 2019

Clarification letter from MCA pertaining to filing of e-Form DPT-3 dated 24/06/2019: Clarification from Ministry about Auditor’s Certificate on return of deposit pursuant to Rule 16 of the Companies (Acceptance of Deposits) Rules, 2014: Through this letter, the Ministry has clarified that the returns of deposits in e-Form DPT-3 containing the deposits information as [...]

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CAIRR update 14 June,2019

Summary of Circular in the SEBI (LODR), 2015 issued on 11/06/2019 is provided below:   NSE Circular on Action(s) to be initiated against listed companies for non-payment of outstanding Annual Listing Fees (“ALF”) This circular spells out the penalty on listed companies (including listed SMEs), if they fail to remit Annual Listing Fees on or before [...]

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CAIRR update 10 June, 2019

Summary of administrative changes vide notification in the Companies Act, 2013 issued on 07.06.2019 are listed below: The Companies (Incorporation) Sixth Amendment Rules, 2019 w.e.f., 15.08.2019  a. A person or an association desirous of incorporating a company under section 8 i.e., Not for Profit Organisation, under the Companies Act, 2013 shall make an application [...]

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Artificial Intelligence for Company Secretaries (AI 4 CS)

Like the five blind men describing an elephant, AI means many things to many people and taken individually all of them are not incorrect. Hence a good place to start is by defining both the terms Artificial and Intelligence. Artificial in the context of AI means anything which is non-biological, i.e. outside the plant [...]

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What is Hot in Company Law?

As many of you may be aware, we provide a free to use website that provides an integrated view of the Companies Act, LODR and IB code. Over the last three years, this site has generated good traction with 3500+ individuals registering for getting updates and attracts around 2000 users viewing more than 5000 [...]

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