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CAIRR Update March 03, 2020

March 03, 2020

Summary of the Notification and Corrigendum issued by MCA on 02/03/2020

1. MCA notifies amendment to provisions with respect to Government Companies declared under the Companies Act, 2013


MCA, vide this notification, amends its previous notification vide G.S.R.463(E) dated 05/06/2015, including insertion of explanation to definition of “Government Company” and grant of exemption w.r.t to non-applicability of certain restrictions under Section 188(1) to a Government company in respect of contracts or arrangements entered into by it with Central Government or any State Government or any combination thereof. The amended provisions are integrated in our free-to-use website for your ready reference.

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2. Extension of deadline for filing of Form NDH-4 by Nidhi Companies registered under the erstwhile Companies Act, 1956 to 15/05/2020

In line with its earlier notification on extension of deadline for Nidhi Companies to get itself declared in accordance with Rule 3A, MCA has now extended the deadline to 15/05/2020, through this corrigendum, towards filing of Form NDH-4 as prescribed under Rule 23B of the Nidhi Rules, 2014, without any levy of additional fee, by companies declared as Nidhi as indicated under Rule 2(b) of the said Rules.

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