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BLISS Planned Downtime on 14th September,2021

Dear BLISS User,

In our constant endeavour to serve you better we are enhancing BLISS and its variants with significant features and bug fixes. The upgrade is scheduled for today, i.e., Tuesday, September 14, 2021, between 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm IST. During this 2 hour period, BLISS and its variants will not be available for use. Please schedule your work considering this. Also kindly save your latest work before the upgrade begins at 6 PM. The enhancements are:
  1. Beta Launch – Automation of Private Placement process: Based on our product roadmap and customer prioritisation, we have launched a beta version of automated private placement, which automates the process and documentation involved in the issue of securities (i.e., Equity & Preference). This includes:

    i. Pre-drafted resolutions for Private Placement proposal for the Board meeting, Approval for issue at Shareholders’ Meeting and Allotment of Shares at a subsequent Board Meeting

    ii. Auto fill Allottee details in the data sheet provided with all these resolution by just entering the folio no. or PAN for the existing members from the Register of Members maintained in BLISS.

    iii. Provision to download pre-filled and latest MCA prescribed
    a. PAS-4 (Private Placement Offer Cum Application Letter),
    b. PAS-5 (Record of a Private Placement Offer to be kept by the Company) at Board Meeting and Shareholder Meeting stage and
    c. Pre-filled PAS-3 (Return of Allotment) post Allotment Meeting or Circular Resolution.
    d. AOC-4 of last two years can be uploaded for prefilling the relevant year’s financial position related details in PAS-4.
    e. Pre-filled registers are triggered based on the data sheet details of allottees for both existing members and new members.

    This feature eliminates multiple time data entry and saves user’s time. Accurate and MCA prescribed latest formats ensures complete compliance coverage to users

  2. Enhanced E-mail functionality: Email sent from BLISS are enhanced to include the following:

    i. The Signature of Company Secretary or Convening Authority can be uploaded under the ‘Settings’ page once and the user sending the mail can choose to use or delete the signature for e-mails to be sent by them.

    ii. Zipped folders (i.e., with .rar, .zip extensions) can be attached in e-mails sent from BLISS

    This feature makes the email sending and attachment functionality more comprehensive and customized.

  3. MIS download in PDF format: On customer request, the users will now have an option to download MIS Report on Compliances completed in BLISS even in PDF format. The downloaded MIS Report would be Time Stamped (i.e., the date and the time of download). This feature makes the auto-generated MIS Report from BLISS more reliable, non-tampered and acceptable to be produced as timely compliance proof to the Auditors.
  4. Financial year-wise DIR-8 download: The users will now have a provision to download DIR-8 from Part-C of Register of Directors and KMP for a specific reporting financial year. This feature helps the users to download and know the Directorship details even for past years. This feature makes BLISS more comprehensive.
  5. Pending Registers and Returns will have the Associated Meetings and Agenda Items: Users will now be able to view the Associated Meetings and Agenda items for which a particular Register and Return triggered right in the Pending Register and Pending Returns page. This feature makes it easy for the users to relate and work on timely completion of compliances and also makes these details available for future references or during the Audit purposes.
For any assistance, please call us on 9686823544 or mail us at We will be happy to assist you.


Eti Basaniwal,

BLISS Architect & Company Secretary

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