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360⁰ View of Compliance: The difference between Restriction and Restraint By Shankar Jaganathan

  Need for Compliance Sitting in the backseat of a cab my friend and I looked on shocked as our driver ran through a series of red lights. As my friend asked him to stop at the next red light, the driver wisely remarked, ‘At 11 in the night, stopping at red light is [...]

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3 Signs of a Good Business: The Peacock and the Crane

  Business come in varying sizes. Visualizing this range is helpful in appreciating what is a good business. As visualizations go the colourful world of birds is a good place to start; for birds like business have more in common than their first letter-B. The size of birds range from bee hummingbird weighing 1.6 [...]

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Are Good Businesses Compliant? Hare and the Tortoise story retold

  What do great batsmen like Sachin Tendulkar, Brain Lara and Ricky Pointing have in common with successful football teams like Bayer Munich, Real Madrid and Manchester United? Think again, what is common between successful businesses and these sporting greats? All of them combine attractive attacking play with a dogged defence. To achieve sustained [...]

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CSR Spending: An Anti-Democratic Idea?

  Governments asking big firms to spend money on social causes is an idea that needs to be carefully debated India is probably the first country in the world to mandate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) spending by large companies. Firms with revenue of Rs.1,000 crore, or net worth above Rs.500 crore, or profits above [...]

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What we should score Arun Jaitley on?

As the country eagerly awaits the new government’s maiden budget, Shankar Jaganathan evokes the realities of the Indian economy to provide a reference framework within which to judge the Jaitley budget. New beginnings are always exciting to look forward to for they have the potential to chart unexplored territories. New beginnings with high expectations [...]

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One Person Companies: Speed without effective brakes?

The introduction of One Person Companies in the Companies Act, 2013 eyes fast economic gains; however, as Shankar Jaganathan points out, it also calls for a more considered approach and provision of safeguards to protect the smaller creditors and employees. A new concept of ‘One Person Company’ has been introduced in India for the [...]

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The Economics of a Strong Democracy

Holding trust brought forth by equality of individuals as a critical foundation for a strong democracy, Shankar Jaganathan discusses the postulates of two recent academic publications that add to the important discourse on the issue of inequality. If you had to leave your valuable belongings unattended for a few minutes to visit the restroom, [...]

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Helping Businesses Help Society

The Companies Act 2013 has extended its scope to provide norms for the organisation and functioning of not-for-profit ventures. Why not, then, use the same or similar legislation to create a conducive environment for social enterprises, asks Shankar Jaganathan. The limited liability company, the Hindu-Arabic numbering system and double entry bookkeeping are counted among [...]

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