5Qs for Every Corporate Professional: CimplyFive’s Five Qs for determining if Independent Directors Meeting Add Value to Governance

SEBI’s LODR, 2015 Regulation 25 (3) read with Schedule IV (VII) (1) of the Companies Act, 2013 requires all equity listed companies and unlisted companies having Independent Directors to schedule a meeting of Independent Directors of the company to meet without the presence of non-independent directors and members of management [...]

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CimplyFive’s Report on Covid 19 Disclosures by the Companies

Where fair disclosures are the desired objective, it must go beyond the limits set in law, which is the bare minimum that companies need to comply with to avoid penalties. Hence CimplyFive’s Model Disclosures for Covid-19 is designed with the objective of providing fair disclosures to all existing and potential investors. The disclosures would [...]

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5Qs for Every Corporate Professional: CimplyFive’s Five Qs on Good Governance.

The quality of governance depends on the ethics of the people at the helm of affairs. Hence the subject of governance is linked with ethics and not morals or law and is rightly called Ethics & Governance. In its essence, governance is the collection of systems, processes and methods for [...]

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From Onsite to Online: Is the Record shared online Authentic and Secure? Five Questions Every Corporate Professionals Need to Answer

Triggered by the lockdown imposed on our society due to the Covid-19 pandemic, onsite activities like even the secretarial audit, with a higher sanctity, have moved online. Secretarial Auditors, given their statutory position, need to examine and verify original secretarial records. Given the shift from onsite audit to online audit, what meets the criteria of [...]

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WORKING FROM HOME: Is Your Electronic Record Valid? Five Questions Every Company Secretary Needs to Answer

Papers out, files in; replacement of hard copies with softcopies is a  significant and necessary fallout of work from home. For company secretaries responsible for maintaining secretarial records, it is a critical choice, since a legally valid document is the only evidence of corporate decisions. Given its criticality, Rule 27 and [...]

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WORKING FROM HOME: Is Your Data Secure? Five Questions Every Corporate Professionals Need to Answer

Working from home is no longer a luxury enjoyed by a few, but a necessity for all, triggered by the lockdown imposed on our society due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Given this necessity, we have formulated five simple questions that enables you to assess the level of security that you [...]

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True Wealth Creators: Glimpses from the Past

Valuing Wealth The publicity blitz that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett attracted when they jointly visited India is not surprising, for the rich and the wealthy have attracted the limelight since times immemorial. But curiously, the attention the rich get is not directly proportionate to their quantum of wealth. Even among the rich there is a pecking [...]

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Risk Management – at crossroads

In the beginning For long human beings have kept records of their past. One of the earliest records of scorekeeping by human race is found in the cave paintings in Europe –Lascaux, Altamira and Chauvet among Others1. These cave paintings have been dated about 40,000 years ago. They were of animals. One of the explanation provided for [...]

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