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In BLISS, you can store at two places – in the E-repository and in the Records page. A smart storage practice would be to:

  1. Upload Memorandum and Articles, Shareholder Agreements and Loan Agreements in E-repository as these are not limited to any financial year.
  2. Upload Annual Reports-Financial Statements and Board of Director’s Report in the Records page under the specific financial year as these are related to the financial year.
  3. Upload declaration of interest received from Directors in the Register of Directors.

Please make sure maximum file size is less than 10MB.

Secretarial records are required to be maintained for eight years and they often resemble a haystack. Often the need is to find a specific record or entry. BLISS provides three types of intelligent search to find the needle in your haystack:

  1. Search your entire secretarial records or a part of it- Agenda, Minutes, Registers, Returns and Action Trackers by using a keyword in the search option provided in BLISS. Further you can also replicate any resolution passed in previous meeting of the same company or another company in your portfolio by the click of a button.
  2. Search for a specific resolutions or a Company Law prescribed template, using smart search from our rich repository by entering the keyword.
  3. From your large portfolio, search for a specific company by using the ‘Alphabetic Search’ or the ‘Intelligent Search’ by entering the first few letters of your company name.

Reminders reduces shocks and enhances productivity. BLISS make sure that you are not caught unaware at the last minute by providing you timely alerts to your email id registered with BLISS that is automated and system generated.

  1. BLISS has a real time dashboard with colour coded compliance status for all the meetings-Board Meetings, Sub-committee Meetings and Shareholders Meetings, Registers and Returns, Pending actions and calendar events and Other parameters based compliances.
  2. Alerts triggered based on change in status of dashboard for:
    • Scheduling meetings- Board Meeting, Committee Meeting and Shareholders Meeting
    • Finalizing minutes for all the meetings
    • Updating Registers and filling Returns
    • Completing assigned actions
    • Completing compliance triggered by financial parameter
  3. Your admin can turn-on or turn-off the reminder status for any user based on their specific need.

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