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In BLISS, you can store at two places – in the E-repository and in the Records page. A smart storage practice would be to:

  1. Upload Memorandum and Articles, Shareholder Agreements and Loan Agreements in E-repository as these are not limited to any financial year.
  2. Upload Annual Reports-Financial Statements and Board of Director’s Report in the Records page under the specific financial year as these are related to the financial year.
  3. Upload declaration of interest received from Directors in the Register of Directors.

Please make sure maximum file size is less than 10MB.

Secretarial records are required to be maintained for eight years and they often resemble a haystack. Often the need is to find a specific record or entry. BLISS provides three types of intelligent search to find the needle in your haystack:

  1. Search your entire secretarial records or a part of it- Agenda, Minutes, Registers, Returns and Action Trackers by using a keyword in the search option provided in BLISS. Further you can also replicate any resolution passed in previous meeting of the same company or another company in your portfolio by the click of a button.
  2. Search for a specific resolutions or a Company Law prescribed template, using smart search from our rich repository by entering the keyword.
  3. From your large portfolio, search for a specific company by using the ‘Alphabetic Search’ or the ‘Intelligent Search’ by entering the first few letters of your company name.

Reminders reduces shocks and enhances productivity. BLISS make sure that you are not caught unaware at the last minute by providing you timely alerts to your email id registered with BLISS that is automated and system generated.

  1. BLISS has a real time dashboard with colour coded compliance status for all the meetings-Board Meetings, Sub-committee Meetings and Shareholders Meetings, Registers and Returns, Pending actions and calendar events and Other parameters based compliances.
  2. Alerts triggered based on change in status of dashboard for:
    • Scheduling meetings- Board Meeting, Committee Meeting and Shareholders Meeting
    • Finalizing minutes for all the meetings
    • Updating Registers and filling Returns
    • Completing assigned actions
    • Completing compliance triggered by financial parameter
  3. Your admin can turn-on or turn-off the reminder status for any user based on their specific need.

Maintain all your 14, yes fourteen statutory registers electronically in BLISS as per the formats prescribed in the Companies Act, 2013.

  • After the resolutions are passed, you can update the Registers by clicking the ‘Add’ button and enter the specific entries one by one.
  • For past transactions, BLISS provides an excel template to upload all entries into the electronic register in one step.

With updated registers, BLISS will automatically

  • Capture the names of all the Directors and Members for the meetings scheduled-Board Meeting, Committee Meetings and Shareholders Meeting.
  • Have the annual return form MGT-7, automatically filled with all the required details.

Save your time and efforts with BLISS and access it 24 by 7, from any internet connected laptop or desktop.

Stay prepared and plan in advance for your annual compliances with our calendar based compliance tracker.

  1. Add your compliance timelines once a year in the calendar based events by using BLISS Action Tracker.
  • You will get email reminders on the dates scheduled.
  • You can identify the individuals who should get the reminders.
  • On completion of the activity update status.
  1. Add as many activities as you need.
  2. Get a snapshot of the pending due dates at any point of time.

Track the task you have delegated with BLISS Action Tracker and monitor its progress till completion.

  1. Assign task to other users and intimate them through email.
  2. Get email reminders on the scheduled dates.
  3. On completion of the activity, get updated status.
  4. Review the work delegated and approve it or reassign it.
  5. Get a snapshot of the pending tasks with due dates at any point of time.
  6. View the history of all the task delegated and completion status.

BLISS helps you plan and schedule Board and Sub-committee Meetings for the entire year by using Meeting Scheduler.

For the Company Secretary

  • Select Meeting Scheduler
  • Select the type of meeting, Meeting date, time and venue
  • Add the key proposed agenda items

Value to the Director

  • Track your scheduled meetings
  • Review proposed agenda items for upcoming meetings

With BLISS ensure enhanced Directors’ participation for Good Corporate Governance.

Email your agenda/minutes using BLISS. Also, BLISS helps you store proof of sending notice, agenda and minutes sent to the Directors and KMP. With BLISS email facility you get:

  1. To maintain earlier versions of draft agenda/ minutes circulated within the team for inputs
  2. Send using email notice, agenda and minutes to Directors and KMP
  3. Maintain proof of circulating agenda, draft minutes and final minutes in BLISS
  4. Access different versions of drafts and final document created

BLISS allows you to define the style and layout for your documents- Agenda and Minutes.

  1. Define the style and layout for all the documents of a company
  2. Go to Company Data, in Company Data settings and select
  • Font style, font size, line spacing, paragraph spacing, left margin, right margin and other alignments
  • The numbering system for Agenda and Minutes
  1. Retain flexibility within the document to change font size, style and other features like bold, italics and underline

Please note changes made in settings page will be applicable to all the records created in BLISS for that Company.

BLISS helps you track all parameter based compliances, numbering 9 for private limited company and 19 for public limited companies, prescribed under the Companies Act, 2013 as applicable for your company on the basis of paid up capital, turnover, net worth, net profit and other information as provided by you under Company Data-Financial Information.

Example: Requirements to have a women director, independent director or XBRL filings of financial statements.

  1. Go to Financial Information in the Company Data segment and update
  • Capital Structure of your company
  • Principal Activity
  • Details of Subsidiaries
  • Financial Information
  1. Go to Company Data, in Company Data Compliances
  • Track due dates for the compliances triggered and their compliance status
  • Store proof of compliance
  • Get email reminders for due dates
  1. Get a snapshot of the pending compliances on dashboard

BLISS Users has individual login, and they can set their own password. The rights of the Users are company specific and they are classified into five categories –Admin, Editor, Drafter, Viewer and Director.
Hence for instance, a User can be an Admin for one company, an Editor in another and a Viewer in the third company with a common login thereby providing a single sign-on for multiple companies with different rights.

Categories of Users

The Admin can set reminder status for users. Users with reminder status ‘Yes’ will receive all reminders and due date alerts from BLISS.

BLISS helps you create your circular resolutions more efficiently by creating, circulating and  tracking it for including it in the next Board Meeting.

  1. Select the desired resolution from BLISS Resolutions Repository or create customised agenda item.
  2. Number the circular resolutions for your record
  3. Upload attachment related to the circular resolution
  4. Download your circular resolution in the pre-defined template
  5. Upload signed copies of circular resolutions received from Directors for your record
  6. Completed circular resolutions will be populated by BLISS in you next Board Meeting

BLISS alerts for important and significant events on the basis of information entered by the user, like:

  • Tenure end of existing Statutory Auditor
  • Tenure end of Directors
  • Renewal for Digital Signature Certificates of the Company’s Authorised Signatories that includes Directors and KMPs

Update following details and get alerts for due date:

  1. Tenure end of existing Statutory Auditor: Go to Company Data, under MCA Data update name of the Statutory Auditor appointed and their tenure end date. Six months before the tenure end BLISS triggers an alert for taking appropriate action.
  2. Tenure end of Directors: For all the Directors of the company with fixed tenure, update the tenure end date in Register of Directors and KMP and get alerts six months prior to take appropriate action.
  3. Renewal for Digital Signature Certificates of the Company’s Directors and KMPs: Go to Company Data, Settings and update DSC expiry dates for all the Directors and KMPs. 30 days before the expiry date BLISS reminds  the users to renew the digital signatures.

Register of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel has provision to store MBP- 1: Declaration of Interest by the Directors given by them anytime during their tenure. Storage of these records at one place helps easy retrieval and tracking.

Steps to activate this feature:

  • Go to Registers for that company and select Register of Directors and Key Managerial Personnel
  • Select the Director from whom you have received the Declarations of Interest
  • Upload the scanned MBP-1 in the Register along with the other declarations received
  • Please note all the MBP-1 will be visible in the Register
  • Use Search Feature for ascertaining any related party declared by the Director

BLISS enables the user to search previously completed resolutions from the same company as well as other companies in the user’s portfolio and replicate it into a new agenda created for the company.

Steps for Search and Replicate Resolutions

  1. Select the type of meeting to prepare your agenda
  2. Click on Search, select the company from where you wish to replicate the resolution and enter a keyword for search
  3. Select the filter- Agenda/Minutes and search

BLISS will show all resolutions with the searched keyword in search result. Choose your resolution and click ‘Replicate’. Selected resolution will be replicated to the new agenda created for the company.

BLISS enables its users to mark key decisions taken in any Board Meeting, Committee Meeting and Shareholders Meeting by capturing the summary for ready reference.

Steps for updating Key Information:

  1. Go to Records, select the particular meeting for which you wish to update Key Information like Buy-back of shares, Dividend payment, Bonus issue, Allotment of shares and Acquisition of Shares in companies.
  2. Under Key Information, click the comment icon.
  3. Enter the Key Information and save.
  4. Go to Records page to view the Key Information available on the screen.

The meeting for which Key Information is updated, the icon will turn to blue which enables the user to identify that the meeting has key information recorded in it.

In BLISS repetitive data entry is eliminated as a user can copy the details in Part – A of the Register of members or the Register of Directors and KMP of a folio from one company to another within the User’s portfolio.

How to do this:

  1. Click on the Company from which the register entry is to be copied.
  2. Click on register tab and select the required register (i.e., Register of Members or Register of Director and KMP)
  3. Click on the particular folio that is to be copied
  4. Click on copy button on top right-hand side
  5. Type the company name to which the entry is to be copied
  6. Click on Paste button
  7. The desired entry is copied in a new folio.

BLISS enables the user to download extract i.e., Certified True Copy of Board resolutions passed from the minutes page either in word or PDF and keeps track of the extracts taken.

How to download the extracts of Board resolutions:

  1. Click on the Company from which the extract is to be downloaded
  2. Click on Records page
  3. Click on the particular meeting
  4. Click on minutes button
  5. Click on the word or PDF icon appearing for every Agenda item to download extract in word or PDF respectively
  6. The extract gets downloaded for you to sign and hand it over to the business users.

In BLISS, the Admin of the company can classify their company as a Start-up Company, thereby enabling exemptions provided by the Companies Act, 2013 specifically for Start-ups. Under Section 173(5) of the Companies Act, 2013 Start-Ups need to have only one Board Meeting in each half of the calendar year, in contrast with regular companies that need to have four board meetings in a year. At the end of the five year period, the start-up company will transition to regular compliances which is auto tracked based on the date of Incorporation of the Company.   

How to classify a company as the Start-up Company:

  1. Click on the Company for which start-up company compliance is to be activated
  2. Click on Company Data tab
  3. Click on Edit button in the MCA Data page
  4. Tick the Box for Start-up company on the right-hand top of the page
  5. Click on Save button
  6. The company is now activated as a Start-up Company

Note: Please note Only Admin of the company can activate Start-up Company compliances.

In BLISS, the Admin of the company and the assignor of any actions can at any time send a reminder mails to assignee reminding them to complete the pending actions on schedule.

How to send reminder mails for pending actions:

  1. Click on the Company that has the pending action for which you want to send the reminder mail
  2. Click on Action Trackers tab.
  3. Identify the pending action for which you want to send the reminder. Please ensure that the action is assigned to one of the users.
  4. Click on the pending action for which reminder is to be sent.
  5. Click on send mail now icon at the bottom of the screen.
  6. A reminder will be sent to the assignee of that action.

Please note Only Admin and Assignor of the action can send the reminders to the Assignee.   

In BLISS, the Admin of the company may update the new name of the company once RoC approves it. This enables the user to generate documents that contains the new name and the former name of the company for all records created for a period of two years from the effective date of name change, as required by the Companies Act, 2013.

 How to update the new name of your company:

  1. Click on the Company for which new name is to be updated
  2. Click on company data tab
  3. Click on Edit button in the right-hand bottom of company profile page
  4. Click on the “+” icon appearing in the company name field
  5. Click on pencil icon to enter the effective date and new name of the company
  6. Click on right tick icon to save the entry
  7. Close the pop-up window
  8. Click on Save button in the right-hand bottom of company profile page.

Note: Please note only Admin can update the new name in the company profile.  

BLISS enables user to upload digitized secretarial records for the past years, i.e. from the year of incorporation of the Company till the financial year in which they have subscribed to BLISS. Uploaded records can be easily retrieved by entering a key word in the ‘Search’ feature. You can narrow down your search to a specific section of secretarial records like Agenda, Minutes, Registers, Returns or Action Tracker.

Steps to upload past records in BLISS

  1. Select the Company for which Past Records are to be uploaded
  2. Click on ‘Past Records’ button
  3. Select the Financial Year for which records are to be uploaded
  4. Select the Category in which you want to upload, -Board Meetings, Sub-Committee Meeting, Shareholder Meeting: Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting
  5. Select date of the meeting and upload digitized Agenda file, Minutes file and Returns if any.
  6. Enter the required details of any critical decision taken in the meeting and click ‘Save’

BLISS enables senior professionals to delegate the task of drafting agenda to their junior colleagues. For the junior colleagues, drafting agenda is made a rich learning process as the comments of the senior is clear and unambiguous. With the Edit and Review feature, Agenda can be seen as a single document with the features to.

  • Edit in track change mode, add comments or highlight text
  • Create multiple versions of the document and have all the versions available for review later
  • View the changes made, with the option to either accept or reject the change

Steps to Preview and Edit Agenda

  1. Select the type of Board Meeting and create agenda
  2. Save the agenda and update meeting details
  3. Click preview document icon in the agenda module
  4. Make required edits and have updated versions ready
  5. Update the final version back in BLISS database

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